schrodinger.protein.helm.image_generation module

schrodinger.protein.helm.image_generation.get_image_bytes(helm_mol: rdkit.Chem.rdchem.Mol, fallback_entity: Optional[schrodinger.livedesign.entity_type.EntityClass] = None, options: Optional[schrodinger.livedesign.draw.ImageGenOptions] = None) bytes

Get a byte array of the image generated by the helm widget

  • helm_mol – a coarse-grained rdkit mol representing a HELM molecule

  • fallback_entity – entity class to use for a fallback image

  • options – options for image generation. Background color, image size, and image format will be honored

schrodinger.protein.helm.image_generation.paint_scene(painter: PyQt6.QtGui.QPainter, helm_widget: schrodinger.protein.helm.helm_renderer.HelmWidget, options: schrodinger.livedesign.draw.ImageGenOptions)

Paint the helm widget’s scene to the specified painter


a QPainter object


widget used to draw the HELM molecule


options for image generation