schrodinger.utils.documentation module

schrodinger.utils.documentation.get_docs_dir() str

Returns docs installation directory.

schrodinger.utils.documentation.get_json_from_map_file() dict

Returns JSON object in form of dictionary corresponding to maestro_map_file.json present in $SCHRODINGER/docs folder.


This initializes MAESTRO_HELP_TOPIC_JSON object which stores URLs and tocpaths for topic id, only if not previously initialized.

schrodinger.utils.documentation.get_topic_dict(topic_name: str) dict

Returns topic dictionary which contains URL information. Raise RuntimeError if MAESTRO_HELP_TOPIC_JSON is not initialized or topic id is not found in dict. :param topic_name: is help topic ID. :return: topic dict.

schrodinger.utils.documentation.get_profile_name_key(tocpath_dict: dict) str

Returns profile key to be used to retrieve tocpath for topic. It returns key corresponding to current app profile if present in tocpath_dict, else key corresponding to Maestro profile.

schrodinger.utils.documentation.get_topic_fragment(topic_name: str) str

Returns topic fragment (relative path of topic file + tocpath if available) Tocpath is not added if not found for ‘app_profile_key’ in tocpaths dictionary. :param topic_name: is help topic ID. :return: topic fragment

schrodinger.utils.documentation.is_local_topic(topic_name: str) bool

Return true if topic is marked in topic dict as a local HTML file :param topic_name: help topic ID

schrodinger.utils.documentation.show_local_doc(relative_file_path: str, show_html_only=False)

Shows help topic webpage from local docs ($SCHRODINGER/docs). :param relative_file_path: is path to help topic webpage. :param show_html_only: boolean to show plain HTML topic file :Raises RuntimeError: if help topic file is not found.

schrodinger.utils.documentation.can_show_online_docs() bool

If SCHRODINGER_SHOW_LOCAL_DOCS environment variable is set, we should directly switch to local docs without trying online documentation, else Returns True if access to is available False otherwise

schrodinger.utils.documentation.show_topic(topic_name: str) str

Opens a window to display the help topic. It will try to look for online docs, if not able to show then fallback to search for local docs present inside $SCHRODINGER/docs. In case both are not available warns user. :param topic_name Name of help topic


Shows online tutorials according to profile key value present in DOCUMENTATION_LINKS dictionary. :param key: is key for help action. :type key: str

schrodinger.utils.documentation.open_url(url, show_warning=True, fragment=None)

Create a temporary file containing HTML and open it in browser

The HTML redirects the browser to the appropriate url. This circumvents a bug in Windows and MacOS that chops off the anchor of a URL if the URL points to a local file.


qurl (QtCore.QUrl) – The QUrl to redirect to


Success of opening the temp URL

Return type


schrodinger.utils.documentation.show_message(message, title='Warning')