schrodinger.application.utils module

Utility functions for finding python packages in product directories.

schrodinger.application.utils.add_package_dir_to_path(path, product_dir_name, subdir='')

Adds product specific directory to __path__ or raises an ImportError if no such directory exists

  • path (list of str) – __path__ of the calling module

  • product_dir_name (str) – The product subdirectory name of the SCHRODINGER directory, without the “-v*” version suffix (e.g. ‘psp).

  • subdir (str) – Specifies the subdirectory of the product python packages directory that should be added to the product package directory. Use this if the product package directory has packages you want to ignore (e.g. ‘’).

schrodinger.application.utils.find_product_package_dir(product_dir_name, subdir='')