schrodinger.application.bioluminate.validate_imported_modules module

The module will check that the psp module is loaded

Copyright Schrodinger, LLC. All rights reserved.

schrodinger.application.bioluminate.validate_imported_modules.check_module(object_list_to_inspect, suppress_error_msg=False, msg='Prime is not installed. This is required for the panel.')

If the user wants to generate the message they can by suppressing generic error message here, otherwise by default a message is generated.

  • object_list_to_inspect (list of objects) – A list of objects which will be passed in to be inspected.

  • suppress_error (bool) – If True no message is printed, else print it.

  • msg (str) – The error message to be displayed to the user


Will return true if all objects in the list are modules

Return type