schrodinger.utils.sea.common module

Copyright Schrodinger, LLC. All rights reserved.

schrodinger.utils.sea.common.debug_print(s, nl=True)

Prints out some information for debugging purposes.

  • s – The string to print.

  • nl – Appends a new line to the string and flushes out the current contents in the print buffer.

schrodinger.utils.sea.common.is_equal(a, b, epsilon=1e-06)

Compares two floating numbers and returns True if the absolute difference is within epsilon (defaults to 1E-6), False if not.


Returns True if the string ‘s’ is one of the following: ‘true’, ‘yes’, and ‘on’, or False if it is one of the following: ‘false’, ‘no’, and ‘off’.

Case difference will be ignored.

Raises a ValueError exception if ‘s’ is none of the above strings.