schrodinger.infra.ark module

Python interface for Ark


fromArgv(arg, arg, …) –> nest,others

Expected use is something like

nest,sys.argv = ark.parseArgv(*sys.argv)

Takes the –include xxx and –cfg yyy options and incorporates them into a single ark.


fromString(string, style=STRICT|DEFAULT|KEYVALS) –> nest

Parse an ark string into a python vector/dictionary nest. For a ‘config file’-like string is to set style=KEYVALS For parsing the output of toString set style=STRICT|DEFAULT If you want extra predantry set style=STRICT.


toString(nest,whitespace=bool,nodelim=bool) –> string

Parse an ark string into a python vector-dictionary nest. Keyword arguments are optional. For writing out a human readable config file whitespace=1 and nodelim=1 and the top level of the nest be a dictionary.