schrodinger.application.mopac.mopac_parser module

Command line parsing for the MOPAC backend.

class schrodinger.application.mopac.mopac_parser.MethodOptionAction(option_strings, method_synonyms, valid_methods, **kwargs)

Bases: argparse.Action

Modified argparse Action object that allows for upper or lower-case specification of string options, including synonyms

__init__(option_strings, method_synonyms, valid_methods, **kwargs)
schrodinger.application.mopac.mopac_parser.index_of_flag_in_args(flag, args)

Look for flag in list of cmdline arguments, allowing for abbreviations. e.g. ‘-jobname’ will pick up ‘-j’.

  • args (list) – cmdline arguments

  • args – cmdline arguments


index of flag in list of arguments, or None if not found.


Parse “$SCHRODINGER/run” commandline invocation.


args (list) – cmdline arguments

Return parsed_args

parsed cmdline arguments