schrodinger.application.licensing.licerror module

Provide information about FlexNet error codes to python programs.

exception schrodinger.application.licensing.licerror.LicenseException(error)

Bases: Exception

A LicenseException delivers a LicenseError up the call chain.


Exception.with_traceback(tb) – set self.__traceback__ to tb and return self.

class schrodinger.application.licensing.licerror.LicenseError(errcode, msg, level=None, count=1, tag='', output='', cmd='')

Bases: object

A LicenseError represents a license-related error. This includes errors reported by Flexnet Publisher (aka “FLEXlm”) and more general errors.

Many errors will be standard FLEXlm errors, with standard error codes, but this class is intended to represent more general errors, as well.

FlexNet errors all have error codes.

__init__(errcode, msg, level=None, count=1, tag='', output='', cmd='')
property code
property message
property count
property advice
property description
property level
property tag
property output
property cmd