schrodinger.application.desmond.starter.generator.fep_plus module

FEP+ generator Version 0.1

Copyright Schrodinger, LLC. All rights reserved.


Determine if the given file is for covalent FEP. The file is either a .mae or a .fmp file, but for covalent FEP, it has to be the latter (a .mae file will cause this function to return False directly), and this function will check the fep_type graph property and return True if its value is ‘COVALENT_LIGAND’, or False if not.

Return type



Make sure the fmp file is generated by >= 19-2 release that adds i_fep_cov_protein_bb_atom to atom’s property.

schrodinger.application.desmond.starter.generator.fep_plus.generate(args: schrodinger.application.desmond.starter.ui.fep_plus.FepPlusArgs) List[str]

Generate the files and command line to run multisim for the FEP+ workflow.


args – Object with input arguments.


Command line to launch multisim


SystemExit – If preparing the job without launching it.