System Requirements

We support the following NVIDIA solutions:

Architecture Server / HPC Workstation

Tesla P40

Tesla P100

Quadro P5000

Tesla V100



Tesla T4

Quadro RTX 5000


Tesla A100

RTX A4000

RTX A5000

Ada Lovelace








  • Support for the Tesla M40 and M60 cards is deprecated.



  • We support only the NVIDIA 'recommended / certified / production branch' Linux drivers for these cards with minimum CUDA version 12.0.

  • Standard support does not cover consumer-level GPU cards such as GeForce GTX cards.

  • In the 2024-2 release, the "Discounted Cores" of an L4 was decreased from 7424 to 5120. This adjustment was made to align with the L4's status as a preferred card due to its widespread availability on-premises and through cloud providers. Additionally, the L4's low power consumption, speed, and sufficient memory make it suitable for running the majority of workflows in a configuration with one GPU per node.

  • If you already have another NVIDIA GPGPU and would like to know if we have experience with it, please contact our support at help@schrodinger.com.


Larger CPU cache is recommended, especially for jobs that process large amounts of data. Increasing the L2 or L3 cache size for these jobs is more important than a small increase in CPU speed.

Distributed Phase database searches are particularly limited by contention for disk access. QSite jobs also perform a lot of IO, so faster disk access is important.